was born in Vermont, and brought up in New England. As a child, his elementary school teachers would put him in the back row during singing classes so other kids could tune better by hearing his voice. In 1970 at the age of twelve, he formed a band called The Flock. Admission to their backyard concerts was a nickel.

Recording music has been Mark’s sole profession since 1983, when he became staff engineer at Euphoria Recording Studios in Boston, Massachusetts. Sessions there included albums with Jimmy Miller (producer for the Rolling Stones, Blind Faith, and Traffic, among others), Johnny Thunders, and Scruffy the Cat. He moved to the San Francisco Bay area of California in 1986.

Mark is an accomplished musician, and his musical skills inform his work as an engineer and a producer. With most classical works, he reads and edits the music from the conductor’s score. Many of his clients depend on him to edit and mix airplay- ready masters from the shows they perform. He has been the recording engineer for the Santa Rosa Symphony for fifteen years, and has edited and broadcast over 125 of their concert programs. He was the recording engineer for the San Francisco Bach Choir from 1999-2011, and currently records performances of the California Bach Society, Chora Nova, Bay Choral Guild, and many other choirs and orchestras. Recordings have been broadcast on Performance Today, KDFC, KRCB, and many commercial and NPR stations nationally.

Mr Lemaire founded Rubato Recording to provide “audiophile anywhere” music recording services, specializing in classical, jazz, and anything interesting and challenging. In addition, Mr Lemaire’s studio recordings include all kinds of music, made in a variety of studios. Examples: Cascada De Flores , Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion , Neurosis , Christie McCarthy, Mandible Chatter, and more.

Mark Lemaire is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), as well as a member of the San Francisco Early Music Society and the American String Teachers Association . He is also a vocalist, composer, and guitarist. His releases include Rubato: Pieces for Guitar, Practice Makes Perfect, and with his wife Cindy van Empel Lemaire, Home Isn't Home. More information about Mark's music is available here.